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Mobile Microwave Takes on Twin Cities Potholes
(06/2013 aired on KSTP Channel 5 News)

Potholes filled using kitchen technology
(04/2013 aired on KARE 11 News)

Tests of new mixtures, technology may cure
(04/2013 published in StarTribune)

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MnDOT Asphalt Repair Demonstration

KARE 11 News Story on Pothole Repair

KSTP Channel 5 News Story on Pothole Repair

Asphalt Repair Using Maxphalt Plus Mix

Ground Thawing Horn in Action





Heat Wave

Asphalt Repair / Ground Thawing

Heat Wave

Heat Wave can assist you in both quick, easy asphalt repair and small area ground thawing. This unique process, which uses MUI’s patented waveguide microwave energy technology, will change the way you work – no more temporarily patching holes or waiting until spring to dig up ground.

The Heat Wave – 50 kw system produces 50,000 watts of microwave power, and is comprised of several components.

  • Generator (produces the electrical energy)
  • Transmitter (uses that energy to make microwaves)
  • Waveguide (moves the microwaves from the
    transmitter to the horn)
  • Horns (assist in the delivery of the microwaves to
    either the asphalt or ground)

The system is controlled by a proprietary microprocessor that monitors all aspects of the machine's operation. This microprocessor also allows the operator to preprogram for asphalt/soil type, buried utilities, and other conditions related to the site.

Asphalt Repair
Inevitably, roadways break up and potholes occur. MUI’s quick, permanent asphalt repair process will assist you in creating a safe roadway again. You no longer need to shut down a stretch of road until the asphalt cures or go back in the summer to patch the previous winter’s cold patch.

The Heat Wave system makes the repair process easy. Fill the hole with mix and place the Heat Wave Asphalt Repair Horn over the area. The Asphalt Repair Horn heats up the area, disbursing the machine’s microwave heat evenly over the asphalt being patched. The microwave energy heats both the mix for the new patch and the surrounding asphalt allowing the patch to fuse to the existing roadway. Within a short time, the horn is lifted and the asphalt is cured and ready to be driven on.

With this process, a temporary cold patch no longer needs to be used when the weather turns chilly. Heat Wave can be used to permanently repair the asphalt all year round.

Ground Thawing
Traditional methods of thawing the ground are timely and use a large amount of energy. This is due to the laws of nature dictating that heat rises in any condition. With Heat Wave’s Ground Thawing Horn, you are directing microwave energy into the ground, not just at the surface, making the process more efficient, saving time and money.

During the ground thawing process, the moisture within the frost barrier – which can run as deep as 8 feet in the dead of winter – is evaporated making the once rock hard soil into a maneuverable material again. This soil will stay in a portable state until moisture is added back into the ground allowing for extended work to occur – leave the thawed area, return the next day, and continue where you left off.

Those activities you once put off for the winter months can now be worked on all year round – safely access underground utilities, install guardrail/traffic control posts, replace street/traffic light poles, dig grave sites, perform excavation.

View Heat Wave - 50 kw Specification Sheet


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