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Microwave Energy Technology

Microwave Utilities, Inc. (MUI) developed a unique way to safely and efficiently heat frozen ground and repair asphalt by using industrial grade microwave energy technology.

Ground Thawing
Just like a standard microwave oven, where the items heat from the inside out, MUI’s microwave energy technology creates deep penetrating heat which begins down inside the frozen ground. This process allows heat to soak outward as nature intended, and removes moisture from the ground eliminating the ability for the ground to refreeze. Compared to standard methods used today, this process is considerably faster and more efficient. (learn more)

Asphalt Repair
For asphalt repairs, the microwave heat is disbursed evenly through the patented asphalt horn to the area being patched. The microwave energy heats both the mix for the new patch and the surrounding asphalt allowing the patch to fuse to the existing roadway. This creates a longer lasting repair where ambient temperature no longer plays a part in when asphalt can be permanently repaired – no more running to a hot mix facility or wasting unused mix, no more returning in the summer to patch the previous winter's cold patch. (learn more)

In areas where the air temperatures dip and the ground freezes, this patent-pending, unique deep-wave microwave technology extends your ability to work within the ground and continue durable asphalt repairs year round.


Microwave Utilities, Inc.